A Sudoku generator

by Chris Meijers 29. October 2010 19:44
In this article I will demonstrate how to generate sudoku-puzzles and provide a C# class that does this for you. [More]

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Type-safe Include for RIA DomainServices

by Chris Meijers 26. October 2010 21:04
In this article I will demonstrate how to create a type-safe way to include nested objects for RIA and DomainServices. The default way is to specify a string like 'Include("Company")'.

Using extension methods it will be possible to write 'Include(x=>x.Company) instead, which is type-safe and intellisensed. [More]

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Serialize objects to Xml

by Administrator 3. August 2009 23:12
In this article I want to demonstrate an easy way to store and retrieve simple objects using Xml serialization. A common scenario for such storage is the saving of settngs of user-preferences. You could go out of your way to attach a database file and store your preferences in there but in most case... [More]


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